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Today, more than ever, recruitment organizations are being tasked by hiring personnel to identify and recruit the best and brightest talent within their respective industry. Most studies suggest that the most qualified professionals, regardless of industry, experience, or level of education, are either Passively or Not-Actively looking.

Unfortunately, 80% of a typical company’s recruitment efforts are targeted at the 14-34% that are actively or casually looking for employment. Little to no effort is spent recruiting candidates within the 66%-86% that are Passively or Not-Actively looking.

Our Sourcing Solution is a cost-effective way for identifying and developing a pipeline of qualified, passive candidates for your difficult-to-fill open requisitions, as well as providing compelling Competitive Intelligence from the information obtained during the sourcing process.

If executed correctly, this solution can cut agency recruitment fees by over 50%.

Sourcing Services offering includes three unique solutions:

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Name Generation

When you have adequate resources skilled at recruiting passive prospects but DO NOT have the time and/or competency to identify top prospects to recruit, our Name Generation services provide:

  • Direct sourcing talent, primarily via phone, within target organizations.
  • Competitive intelligence regarding requested personnel including contact information, titles, and other relevant information.
  • If requested, additional competitive intelligence including complete organization structure of the company, the number of employees in various departments, and other specific identification.
  • All information is verified by direct contact for accuracy and completeness.

Candidate Development

When you have limited resources available to develop relationships with passive candidates and/or recruiters not ‘skilled’ in passive candidate recruitment:

  • We will professionally and ethically contact and recruit top talent for your organization.
  • Once interest has been established, we will pre-screen candidates and ONLY submit those who are interested and qualified.

Candidate Relationship Management

When you need to proactively build a pipeline of quality candidates for certain Critical to Fill, Difficult to Fill, or Highly Visible job categories:

  • We will develop a viral “drip” marketing campaign (via email, text, phone, etc.) and build candidate pipelines for current/future needs.
  • We will collaborate with your organization to develop an innovative, ongoing marketing/communication strategy.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients Include:

Thank you for visiting The RIO Group – we have officially changed our name to RogueSearch. Check out our new website!!!!

Thank you for visiting The RIO Group – we have officially changed our name to RogueSearch effective 2/2/2020!

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