Recruitment Services

When an organization has decided to outsource overall recruitment for their entire organization or for a particular recruitment project, we develop a customized service solution to include (but not limited to):

  • Resource Planning – Utilizing our Staffing Optimization Tool, we will identify the recruitment resource required to meet hiring demand throughout the entire staffing supply chain.
  • Development of a Sourcing Strategy – We will work with your organization to develop a proactive “Push/Pull Sourcing Strategy” to identify and recruit top talent within 100% of the labor market, not the 14-34% actively or casually looking for employment.
  • Candidate Experience/Assessment – We will work with your organization to develop an effective staffing process that ensures candidates receive an excellent candidate experience that effectively screens out non-qualified applicants.
  • Pre-Boarding – We will provide OUR process to ensure candidates accept offers and are prepared for your on-boarding process.

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