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Over the last 5 years, The RIO Group has developed recruitment solutions for consumer goods organizations throughout the United States. Our diverse experience in this industry includes:

Developing Candidate Relationship Management Solution for key plant operation personnel (such as plant managers, production supervisors, engineers, safety, and maintenance.) This successful program has resulted in identifying and hiring over 30 key personnel from their top competitors.

Designing, developing and implementing a World-Class college recruitment solution that resulted in hiring HiPO talent for key disciplines including packaging, engineering, and manufacturing management.

Targeting recruitment of passive candidates from top competitors for key corporate personnel including sales, logistics, procurement, IT and finance.

Delivering competitive intelligence, including the breakdown of the manufacturing organization structure from general manager down to manufacturing engineer at four U.S. competitor’s plants. Also identifying marketing personnel, nationwide, as well as those located at their UK competitors. Competitive Intelligence included providing names, titles, direct phone numbers, email addresses and reporting structure, with the majority of these individuals NOT being found on the internet.

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Thank you for visiting The RIO Group – we have officially changed our name to RogueSearch. Check out our new website!!!!

Thank you for visiting The RIO Group – we have officially changed our name to RogueSearch effective 2/2/2020!

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Kathryn Dudley | Partner