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About the RIO Group

Over the last 15 years, we have helped world-class organizations optimize their recruitment function by implementing a lean staffing process to reduce costs, improve quality of hire and customer satisfaction.  Additionally, we have helped many organizations think through the “build versus buy” approach to staffing.  Through our research, analysis and benchmarking, we have uncovered the following:

RPO is not the right solution! 

There is industry data and twenty years of research to support that an optimized internal recruitment organization can outperform RPO solutions with respect to Productivity, Cost, Efficiency, Speed and Customer Satisfaction.

With that said, there is a strong ROI when leveraging recruitment partners in one of these four scenarios:

  • Limited Time/Resources:
    • When you (or your staff) do not have the time required to develop, implement and execute a sourcing strategy to identify and recruit passive candidates for your Difficult to Fill positions.
    • When hiring demand requires you to add additional resources for business growth & expansion (opening new facilities, seasonal hiring needs, etc.).
  • Confidential Search:
    • When you have a confidential search that prohibits you to post positions and/or use traditional recruitment channels.
    • When you want to directly recruit from your competition.
  • Unique Skill Set:
    • When you have a unique, non-core position to fill, it is cost-effective to use a recruitment partner.  Internal Recruitment organizations should be optimized and focused experts in recruiting core skill sets within your organization.
  • Competitive Intelligence:
    • You are seeking to develop competitive intelligence to manage search expectations and educate your customers about your competitors, market compensation, etc.

For more information, please email info@riogrp.com, call (734) 414-9822.

Kathryn Dudley–Founding Partner
Kathryn is a graduate of Michigan State University and a founding partner of The RIO Group and The Recruiter Academy. She was instrumental in the early design, development and marketing of The Recruiter Academy Education Programs attended by thousands of recruiters around the world.

Over the last 16 years, she has been responsible for managing large, multi-site recruitment strategies for Fortune 1000 companies. During this time she has cultivated a strong expertise in development of proactive candidate pipelines, candidate relationship management programs and providing organizations with competitive intelligence required to make effective hiring decisions. She has developed recruitment solutions for a wide variety of industries including Financial Services, Home Building, Information Technology, Engineering/Manufacturing and Healthcare.

David Szary – Founding Partner
David is a leading authority on developing radical, just-in-time recruitment solutions for companies seeking to develop an Elite staffing organization. In 1997, David founded The Recruiter Academy and The RIO Group, and over the past 15 years he has worked with more than 3000 companies in 45 states and 10 countries, including some of the largest and most recognized organizations in the world. His renowned Recruiter Academy Education & Development Solution, which includes a Certification Curriculum for recruiters and recruitment leaders, has helped educate thousands worldwide on recruiting “best practices” and how to manage an efficient staffing process.

David has studied and benchmarked numerous experts and theories in the fields of performance improvement (e.g. Toyota Production System, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints), behavior modification, time management and personal achievement. Combining this knowledge with his years of consulting and educating recruitment organizations, he Founded Lean Human Capital and developed LHC’s innovative Recruitment Analytic and Process Optimization methodologies.

David is a requested keynote speaker at a variety of healthcare, corporate and staffing industry events including NAHCR Annual Image Conference, local and state sponsored SHRM/EMA meetings and conferences, ERE and the World Job Summit. He has published countless articles and blogs on staffing, just-in-time hiring, lean recruiting and best practices of elite recruiters. He is also the author of The Recruiter Handbook and Best (and Worst) Advice for Job Seekers.

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Our Expertise

The RIO Group has helped thousands of corporate recruitment professionals from over 2500 companies within every major industry segment with their varied recruitment needs.

While this experience has provided us with a strong understanding of the unique challenges every industry faces, it has also provided us with the capability of quickly identifying new challenges and developing solutions to recruit top talent while reducing cost and waste in the staffing process.

From our perspective, there is clearly more similarities than differences across industry segments. However, we believe it is just as important to understand a company’s unique culture in order to identify and recruit talent that will thrive in your firm.

With that said, the following industry segments are ones where we have particularly strong expertise:

·         Banking
·         Construction
·         Consumer Goods
·         Financial Services
·         Healthcare
·         Manufacturing
·         Retail
·         Transportation/Logistics

Respected Clients

Our team has developed recruitment solutions for organizations within a broad set of industries. Some sample clients from these industries include:

Thank you for visiting The RIO Group – we have officially changed our name to RogueSearch. Check out our new website!!!!

Thank you for visiting The RIO Group – we have officially changed our name to RogueSearch effective 2/2/2020!

Check us out!!!! 

Kathryn Dudley | Partner