We have found the primary reasons corporations engage a third-party recruiting organization are:

Time – You (or your staff) do not have the time required to:

  • Develop/execute a sourcing strategy to identify and recruit passive candidates for your Critical to Fill, Difficult to Fill or Highly Visible positions.
  • Effectively manage the volume of active candidates generated from job postings.

Expertise – You (or your staff) do not have the expertise to:

  • Identify and recruit passive candidates.
  • Recruit top talent for a unique skill set you aren’t commonly recruiting.

Cyclical or Spike Hiring Needs – during times when you may be opening a new facility, have seasonal hiring needs, etc.

Competitive Intelligence – You are seeking to develop competitive intelligence to manage search expectations, define the resources required to meet hiring demand, or educate your customers about your competitors, the labor market, etc.

Scalability – From time to time, hiring demand requires you to add additional resources to identify and recruit top talent to meet hiring demand.